Dear Brooks and Reese, [4 months old]

I am serious this time. I absolutely cannot get enough of you two.

This month flew at lightening speed, and every single day with you two was, well, better than the previous one. I returned to work in a part time capacity and managed to still maximize the days with you two in a blur of pumpkin bread deliveries and parading of your photos around to all my fabulous clients. We traveled for lots of miles and hours to visit family and friends, and you both drew all sorts of crowds at rest stops and restaurants (and your adorable smiles tugged at heart strings enough to win us a total of three free meals). You two stole our hearts this Christmas and you brought an incredible new meaning to the rolling in of a New Year. Everyday of 2010 will be relished, no doubt about that.

I was so proud to be your Mom on Christmas morning. So proud.

And both sets of your grandparents were just plain giddy as they cherished every Christmas minute.

Your last night of swaddling was  the Friday before Christmas. Sigh. I miss swaddling.

You both learned how to roll over (stomach to back) and  are very proud to show us your skills all hours of the night. We are working on teaching you  how to maneuver the “back to stomach” move but also secretly enjoying the 3am laughter. You still nap in between every feeding and eat well 5 times a day. You are rocking with the eating/sleeping combo. Impressive work in the growing category!

Brooks, I think what marks this past month of your life most of all is your laughter. It is a bubbling effect that starts in your gut and you cannot hold it in. Your throat sometimes traps the giggle and then you erupt with the most fabulous squeal. You are entertained most by clothing changes, eye contact with someone you love, and a good nose nuzzle to the chest…

You are also constantly using your hands. Your Papa said it appears that you’re ready for a public speaking engagement, and your Bibi swears you’re just holding them close to prepare for a career with the trumpet…

And Reese, my goodness baby girl — you could not be any more precious!

Your eyes will light up anyone’s life, and your smile stretches from ear to ear on your (now chubby) face. You consistently play with your tongue and mouth, and you’ve learned to mimic a spitting game that keeps us all enthralled…

(spitting it out)


This month was so special with the two of you in our lives. Celebrating the birth of Jesus with the two of you made the entire Christmas story so real, and I felt myself praising God at the end of each jam packed day. 

We love you, love you, love you. 4 months is fabulous.


2 responses to “Dear Brooks and Reese, [4 months old]

  1. oh i loved this entry!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh, i want red-headed twins now!!! they are just PRECIOUS!!!!!!!! i love the last family picture!! Sarah you look amazing!!!

  2. LOVE this post!

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