The first annual Nelson family Gingerbread throw down

In the spirit of all things Nelson, we had oursevles a Gingerbread House building competition this Christmas (and for added Iron Chef-esque fun, we only gave ourselves a 30min time limit). It was tons of fun for all five teams with the exception of Brunertown (we lacked direction, vision, and good food coloring skills — our gingerbread “barn” turned into a pile of orange graham crackers and a really lame ice skating rink, AND we had twins to “cheer” us on in our laps (okay, now I’m just making excuses)).

In a surprise twist, my parents won (whoever said you lost all creative gingerbread skills past age 55 was totally lying to you)…

The other three teams made a pretty nice showing as well…

This is Andy and Emily’s creation…it is the home of Tiger Woods (lying on the ground…purple gum drop head) immediately after an unfortunate incident that took place in his front yard a few short weeks ago. Mrs. Woods is pictured on the front of the home (white gum drop head) with her large golf club in hand. What is that small blue house on the bottom right, you ask?  Oh, it is just the fine establishment we all know and love: The Blue Martini.

And here we have a lovely 2 story creation by my sister Hannah and her BF Gordon — quite a showing for the new kid on the block if you ask me…

…and because you can only justify building a gingerbread wedding chapel once in life, here we have the fabulous newly engaged couple. Classic.


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