it’s one way to increase recognition in the neighborhood

So, I really don’t want to ruin the big juicy Christmas presents secret quite yet, but I placed an order this afternoon to pick up 294 photos of the B&R at the CVS around the corner…I decided to run up there for a quick “pop in” errand to retrieve the aforementioned photos after our afternoon nap (yes, quotation marks required — what planet am I living on? reality check! 2 babies, 3.5 months old…a “pop in” totally loses its “pop” when the errand takes 40+ min, yet we try…and smile all along the way)…As I entered the store (Reesey in the ergo wrap & Brooks carseated in the super tiny drugstore cart…btw, love you and your oversize cart, Costco), the three employees behind the photo counter immediately all began laughing…I found it somewhat strange but chalked it up to adolescent workplace humor and began shopping…After a quick toothbrush selection, I made my way to the photo counter…I was QUITE some distancc from the counter and the spunky teenage girl grabbed my huge photo order and plopped it on the counter….

me (as I’m growing closer to the photo center): Wow — thanks for grabbing everything — that looks like it must be my order.

CVS chick: (chuckling contagiously) Um, yeah. We knew it was you the minute you walked through the door. The twins are precious…absolutely precious…boy/girl twins…wow…what a great family…and all the grandparents/aunts/uncles just look so happy…you all must be so happy…the Christmas outfits were adorable and….

me: Ohhhhh, yeah. I guess I have never thought about the fact that you get to browse all the photos…

CVSc: Absolutely — and you should have seen us all gathered around the belt as each photo came off the printer — we could not stop smiling…we just had so much fun…

At this point, one of the other employees that had been assisting other customers approaches me for a high five — his voice cracked as he enthusiastically greets me with:

CVSb: Wow! Boy/girl twins! Way to go! All in one swing! You did it! 

As I got in the car, I couldn’t help but laugh thinking of those kids watching all the photos of my kids fall off the printer conveyer belt…way to go Brooks and Reesey…spreading the love….and keeping life oh-so-fun…


One response to “it’s one way to increase recognition in the neighborhood

  1. That’s too funny! I hope I get to see you guys while you’re in town!

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