Thanksgiving 2009

We’re better late than never as I attempt to log the events of our Thanksgiving this year. It was jam packed and full of fun, and it is hard to believe it all happened over 3 weeks ago…

The Thanksgiving Feast was a blast and kicked off the entire Holiday with a big old sha-bang. Stephen’s fried turkey certainly did not disappoint and to have my backyard packed with friends and family was almost too much for me to handle.

Stephen and fried turkey…2 peas in a pod

my Dad and the Brooks man just hanging out before the feast

the fam

the backyard

maggie and hannah and brooks (a big huge hooray for Aunt Hannah finally getting to meet the twinsies!!)

bruner thanksgiving love birds. tweet – tweet.

love this stephen bruner

After the twins were baptized on Sunday…

(It was so special to us that both sets of grandparents were there!!)

…and then we were off to Birmingham for a celebration with Stephen’s family.   Mike, Shelli & Graham hosted us and we ate our way through my absolute favorite holiday. The twins did not enjoy their car seats for 10+ hours (each way!!) as much as I had anticipated, but we made it there and back with smiles on our faces. I loved the opportunity to be in Birmingham with Shelli as she is getting closer and closer to Ellie’s due date — and the family time together was certainly enjoyed!

could this little Graham-bo be an cuter? seriously!

Reesey just hanging out with her Bibi

the twins & Stephen with Uncle Mike

just hanging out with our Aunt Shelli

and we could not resist a christmas pajama photo shoot

Probably one of the highlights of the trip was the stop we made in Macon on the way back home. We got the opportunity to spend time with Uncle Paul, Aunt Faye, Mark, Donna, Grace, Faith and Meme, and it was the best. They were enjoying time with the twins and helping to change and feed and hold and play…and then…Reesey gave Uncle Paul an extra special treat on his shirt…a brunertown “souvenir” if you will…a little poop stain. It was fun for all 🙂

meme and the twins

Aunt Faye and Faith

The first Thanksgiving as a family will not be soon forgotten, and there were times I had to excuse myself throughout the week because of the flood of emotion and gratitude I felt inside…I continued repeating…”We are just so blessed”…


One response to “Thanksgiving 2009

  1. OMG, Sarah! Can’t believe you posted that pic of Dan and me…Kelsey and I can’t stop laughing at this!!!!! tweet…tweet!

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