How I am doing

I need a giant sized time out. I mean, giant — like the size of Texas.

How, how, how are the twins 10 weeks old? 

Yesterday, Brooks officially graduated into a size one diaper. I cried. really hard.

Brooks & Reese - weeks 6-8 549

Brooks & Reese - weeks 6-8 550

They are napping right now. Safe and happy and sweet as can be. I’ve turned waaay crazier than I was in the beginning. I check on them constantly, sing with them more and cannot hardly complete a task other than just holding them and loving them (may explain the hiatus from blog posting).

The events of last Friday (shooter that opened fire in the office building where Tews is located — shooting took place on the 8th floor and we are on the 7th) were an incredible reminder of the fragility of life and misperception of safety in which I cling. I am thankful for the safety of my friends yet overwhelmed by the loss of life and serious injustice that took place.

In all of this, I am doing oh-so-well. As I spend time with twinsies, we are full of joy here in the 10th week of life.  

These babies are rocking my world. 




2 responses to “How I am doing

  1. Love the faces…they are precious!

  2. another lesson on perspective…always needed. thanks for sharing your beauties with us!

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