guess what happened this afternoon?

So, heaven just got a little stinky.

After a fabulous morning of a smiling Brooks in my life, I was confident our day would be smooth sailing. Famous last thoughts. We did a quick publix run and were back home feeding when I noticed a poop in Brooks’ pants. From the time I noticed it to the time the feeding was over, it was as if me, Reese, Brooks and our nursing pillow had all weathered a poop storm. It was everywhere. 

This much poop required an immediate bathing for little Brooks and I had yet to attempt a bathing on my own — didn’t think it would be a big deal — yet another reason why I think God gave me twins — the chaos seems to fuel me :).

I thought surely Reese would stay quiet and we would be clean in a jiffy. 

Reese during the bath time for Brooks:

Week 5-7 031

So, here I am, bouncing Reese with my foot while bathing my poop covered son…we were 99.9% of the way through the bath, and Brooks emptied his bladder…all over me, my kitchen, and my daughter. 

So we bathed again.

And this is the precious man post-bath:


And this is my clean son — ah, so happy:


Just one quick task before naps…just needed to burp little Reese…and she spits up. 

All. over. me.

I had to take a timer photo because I could not stop laughing:


And there is the happy little Brooks man just bouncing away in the background 🙂

What are they doing now, you wonder………..


back to a stinky-free heaven


4 responses to “guess what happened this afternoon?

  1. Sarah, I love reading your blog. Just thought I’d let you know I’m a fan, and I think you’re the perfect mother for twins 🙂

  2. haha, so funny! i think every mom has one of these ‘fantastic’ days of being poop/pee covered! glad you’ve braved yours (well, your first one anyways!).

  3. Oh what a day!!!!! You are the Best!!! Hope you got cleaned up shortly after. 😉

  4. that is awesome, and hilarious! you were meant for twins! 🙂 I can totally picture you laughing throughout the whole process.

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