fruit caps: the photo shoot

Reese, not loving the idea:

Brooks & Reese - week 1 272

she got a little hungry:

Brooks & Reese - week 1 280

and wanted more:

Brooks & Reese - week 1 277

fruit cap photo shoot = exhausting:

Brooks & Reese - week 1 298

naked fruit:

Brooks & Reese - week 1 305

pure sweetness:

Brooks & Reese - week 1 332



6 responses to “fruit caps: the photo shoot

  1. ok…now it’s obvious that i’m stalking your blog every day while my kids nap. i just cant get enough of their sweetness. it’s indescribable and honestly a little unbelievable. true beauty.

    i also find it humorous that as i type this comment your website gave a “possibly related post” entitled Cindy Crawfor poses (nearly) nude for Allure. Hilarious! i guess the “naked fruit” photo title is responsible for that!

  2. These pictures are precious!!! they are beautiful and sweet! Oh so great to see their faces. 🙂
    Jen keeps me caught up on you all and so glad to hear how well you and the babies are doing.
    Much love to you all!

  3. Love, love, love it!!

  4. my heart bursts when i look at these 😉

  5. this is so precious! do they sleep like this??

  6. brenda and joey

    hi sarah…we are having much fun looking at your pictures. enjoy your photography!

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