weight check + fruit caps = great day

We just got back from the Pediatrician’s office and I can now officially go on the record of saying the twins are ah-mazing!  The Dr has been very clear that weight gain is our main focus….this is our 5th visit to the office (for weigh ins) in just two short weeks…and today was a major watermark in their growth.

A week ago Reese was 5lb 3 oz, today: 5lb 10oz

A week ago Brooks was 5lb 8oz, today: 6lb

And yes, I am that crazy proud parent that beamed from ear to ear when we saw the results on the scale…it just does not get much better…oh wait, did I mention they are also the most adorable kids EVER?

Brooks & Reese - week 1 302



6 responses to “weight check + fruit caps = great day

  1. precious!!!!!!!!!! i can’t wait to seem them all chubby!! 😉

  2. This has GOT to be entered into a magazine contest!!

  3. I just showed a few of my co-workers this picture. They were going nuts over it and they don’t even know you guys. That tells you just how cute they really are!

  4. ok, this must be the most beautiful pic i’ve seen. seriously. have you had professional newborn pics? i know a a good photographer that is super affordable and she has “grow with me” plans so you can get some taken regularly. i promise they grow too fast and you’ll want to remember!

  5. Wow, Sarah. Congrats. They are amazing. And your photos are too! Enjoy this time!

  6. Pretty durn cute, Sarah 🙂

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