melts my heart every time

The twins start like this in the crib:

Picture 047-1

and then you come back 5 minutes later, and they look like this:

Picture 051

and it just gets better and better:

Picture 056

Picture 058


10 responses to “melts my heart every time

  1. now those are the most precious pictures!! Hope you are doing so well! I will come visit as soon as I can drive!

  2. Oh my goodness. Can they get any cuter??

  3. Hey, I know them!

  4. I love those babies more and more each day… They melt my heart everytime I see them!! ahh!

  5. aaahhhhh…they are SO precious! i love it how he’s *kissing* her forehead!

  6. We love Brooks and Reese more than words can express!!!! May God continue to bless them and their parents each and every day!!!!!!

  7. How precious! i know you’re glad you captured these moments. Soak it up….Beautiful!

  8. All i can say is awwhhhhhhhh!!!!

  9. am loving all the pictures. so cute!

  10. OH!!!!!!!! I cannot imagine the DOUBLE JOY!!!!!!!!!

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