one week old = pure bliss

Oh my. Oh my.

I am in heaven.

The babies turned one week old at 3am-ish this morning and I can hardly believe it. To say “time flies when you’re having fun” would be the understatement of 2009.

Cameras have been utilized excessively around here and I thought at one point last night I may have completely shut down our hard drive — a detrimental affair if it had occurred — no worries — we are in the clear.

That being said…here are some of our favorite photos from over the past few days….

DSCN5661Brooks just hanging out in a recliner at the hospital

Picture 102sweet baby Reese

Brooks & Reese - week 1 028We had a ton of fun the other night doing “size comparison” photos and this is one of our favorites

Brooks & Reese - week 1 081pure bliss

Brooks & Reese - week 1 103trying to make Daddy feel better about going back to work

Brooks & Reese - week 1 159cheering on the bulldogs

(and Reese throws up her arms right after the dawgs score their first touchdown) 

(and yes, these onsies came from a very close friend who is a die hard Gator [gasp] — thanks Kelsey — such a peace offering and we really appreciate it)

Picture 088Brooks just soaking in the indirect rays — feeling stress free 🙂

Picture 112R: What’s up Brooks?           B: I’m exhausted!

Brooks & Reese - week 1 164loving each other



9 responses to “one week old = pure bliss

  1. how is it possible that their little looks already seem to be changing? i realize they need to keep growing, but I am can’t believe I’m missing this!!

    oh, and I officially need to chill out. ever since you said you were working on a blog post this morning, I’ve been obsessively checking throughout the day. this one was worth the wait!

  2. wow! they are so precious!!! they are both so beautiful!!!

  3. awesome. The second to last is totally my fave. Can’t wait to see these little guys

  4. These photos are amazing! It could not be more precious how they love to snuggle and cuddle up to eachother… They are little dolls!!! I love R + B!

  5. Oh sarah!!!! I LOVE the “pure bliss” picture of you with them!!!!!!!! I’m on cloud 9 for you four!!!

  6. they are beautiful- my fave is the snuggly photo! before you know it they will be giggling at each other and melting your heart all over again! ps- we need an entire album to look at- say 100 photos?! haha

  7. I love the one of you holding them and the one of them snuggling!! So sweet! It’s so neat how they already have their own distinct look – Brooks already looks masculine and Reese feminine – at least that’s what it looks like on the computer screen =) Love ya!

  8. I’D be a Dawg fan if I could be THAT cute:)

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