my most embarrassing moment

Happy Birthday Randy!

My most embarrassing life moment happened this past January in the company of one of my closest family friends, Randy, who happens to be celebrating a birthday today! Randy is the pastor of the church I was lucky enough to be raised in and has been apart of my world since the day I was born. He is an incredible teacher and has been used by God in an immense way in my life and the lives of lots and lots of people — and I just love him like a second father — and he is just plain funny — and he might reeeeally enjoy giving me a hard time.

Stephen and I trekked up to Atlanta this past winter for a quick weekend trip to see family and announce our “We’re pregnant!” news. Saturday night I attended the Celine Dion concert (yes, I love her) and as I was getting ready for bed, I slipped out of my jeans quickly and changed in haste…it was late…I was tired. The next morning as I was getting ready for church I was quite cold and decided to put on tights underneath my jeans for warmth — just wore the same jeans from the night before to make life easier.  We bundled up and headed off.

After the service concluded, we were mingling in the lobby with friends and family and Randy was amongst the crowd as we were all visiting together. I remember talking to him and then turning around to face another friend as we were all conversing. 

In mid-conversation with my friend, I felt a tugging sensation underneath the heel of my boot. Something was stuck, and someone was trying to pull it out from underneath my foot. As I slowly turned around and lifted my heel, my worst nightmare was realized.

Randy was slowly rising up from pulling a garment from beneath my heel.

He had my bright blue underwear cupped in his hands.

He looked me dead in the eyes and simply inquired, “Are these your underwear, Sarah?”

My thoughts followed in this order: 

  1. am I wearing underwear?
  2. How did my underwear get out of my tights and my jeans at the same time?
  3. Is this happening? Why is this happening?
  4. It is so hot in this room. 

Many many people began gathering around at this point as we were creating quite a stir at the height of church-going traffic flow through the lobby. 

Randy did not stop — he quickly lifted my other pant leg and asked, “Is your bra going to come out of this one?”. 

The following 3-5 minutes happened in complete slow motion. Laughter brought tears to so many faces. I think I saw someone high five someone else as they were celebrating the hysterical-ness of this scenario.  

At one point, I remember looking at my Mom and Dad (gasping for oxygen in between howls of laughter) and they both kept saying over and over again — “How could this happen?”

Apparently in my haste the night before, I did not remove my worn underwear from my jeans upon changing. Because I wore tights underneath my jeans, I could not feel the pair of underwear slipping down my leg the entire morning — only to be discovered by my life long spiritual mentor and father figure.

In recapping this story numerous times in the last 8 months, I have discovered that the whole “dirty underwear stuck in the jeans” scenario is not entirely uncommon….but few have had it exposed in a church setting…by the pastor. 

Love you, Randy — thank you for bringing such spice to my life!


13 responses to “my most embarrassing moment

  1. HAHA! Sarah that is hysterical! You should ask Dani about the time it happened to her. Or the time that her bra padding fell out of her shirt! Always a funny story:) Can’t wait to see pics of those sweet babies!

  2. You make me laugh. I am watching and praying for you from the sidelines. You have a great resource in your family and especially Emily for baby advice, but I am on call should you have any twin-related questions. I am so proud of you for getting this far with such grace. Thanks for this story that made me smile today! Ali Gant

  3. How did I miss that one! That’s hilarious!

  4. You are brave P, so very brave to share this with the Internet 🙂

  5. Thanks for the break and laughter to my afternoon today. I laughed out loud in my cube at work. Classic 🙂

  6. Too funny!! I’m laughing so hard I’m crying!!

  7. You crack me up.

  8. Oh my goodness… this story is hysterical (and well written!)… thanks for a good laugh. You are amazing, and I couldn’t be happier for you and Stephen! Your little ones will be so loved!

  9. Classic goat story! I love it!

  10. Since this story is in relation to Randy, I must share a Randy related moment of my own, with a very similar theme. The 1st time I visited their home, I remember standing in the kitchen chatting and I must admit, not having known Randy my whole life like you all did, I was a touch nervous to be in “the pastor’s kitchen”. Then out walks this infamous pastor himself in his undies and nothing else but the holy spirit, not knowing there were kids in the house. It is official that I was WAY more embarrassed than he was!

  11. CAN NOT believe you posted that story!!!! I love it and share with so many of my friends…You are the best, SNB!!!!

  12. That could possibly be one of the funniest stories I have heard in a LONG time!!! I have tears in my eyes right now. Hysterical!!

  13. You are absolutely hilarious! I LOVE this story! I love the comment #1. “Am I wearing underwear?” So darn funny!

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