Team Nursery

Final touches have been put on the nursery this weekend…what a great ride it has been with lots of love and help along the way….here is how it all went down…

Bibi and Pops (Stephen’s parents) were here the weekend we officially began the consturction process and assisted in moving the guest room out of what is now our nursery — their gift to the twins was cribs and mattresses which we worked on selecting over Easter weekend:


Brad Nelson jumped in early as well, and he and Stephen knocked out the beadboard construction all in one day…


The paint color selection was a tough one for me, and I looked to my super stylish designer friend Whitney to aid in the decision — she is just plain fabulous!  With her help, we narrowed it down to the green: love it


I seriously hope I never forget the morning that Josh Benoit showed up at 9am to help with the crown molding — Stephen and Josh watched a you tube video, purchased the supplies and knocked it out in one day. They were finished mid-morning and completed the entire paint job that same day….at 6pm…quite the committment…



Crib assembling was aided by the Wieperts…


…and the generosity of so many others is displayed here by what you see! As I was taking these photos, I could not help but thank the Lord for all the love and gifts we have received through this entire process…

DSCN5518Brooks’ crib and the dresser

(special shout outs to Aunt Shelli for help in the fabric selection of the crib skirt and Jules Caruso for this fabulous gown that Brooks will be wearing home from the hospital — laid out and ready to go in the crib)


DSCN5521Reese’s crib (her gown is in here too!)

DSCN5522changing table

(and on the changing pad cover, they have their twin monogrammed cover from their friend Evelyn Wilson  — so fabulous!)

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Pretty soon, we’ll have two precious babies in there!


5 responses to “Team Nursery

  1. SNB –
    You forgot one additional help… Constant emails from Kelsinator with links to rockin’ twins nurseries. That was all in the pre-planning stages… Since I have seen the nursery completed already, what this post really brought me back to was “THE BOOTS” Whitney sported to that football game. They weren’t just “any ole boots….” 🙂 LOVE IT!

  2. Now you are READY!! I really do love the nursery – great job EVERYONE!

  3. I love it!

  4. LOVE IT!

  5. so fabulous…can we see a closeup of those welcome home gowns…too fun!

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