34 week Q&A

Q:  During the first conversations with your Dr on discovering it was a twin pregnancy, you were told that 34 weeks was your magic number — carry them to 34 and you’ve done so well — how do you feel about “making it” this far?

A:  Overwhelmed. Blessed. Immensely grateful. And like there are two little ninjas in me fighting for space…and winning.

Q: How do you feel?

A: Like personified irony. Everything in my back/ lungs/ shoulders/ hips and brain says “Get them out! Who are these things and why have they completely disrupted our normal process and function?” And my heart says “Thank you Lord for giving me life inside my womb — and blessing me with TWO healthy children — and please keep them inside as long as it is healthy and viable for all parties involved”.

Q: How are you sleeping?

A: “The key to happiness is low expectations” — I expect to sleep none and then I am always pleasantly surprised when we get a few hours here and there.  Brooks and Reese and I have some great times in the wee hours. Call us anytime — and I mean that — any. time.

Q: Funniest line of the day — go!

A: I take the Publix bag boy’s offer to walk me to the car…justify myself by telling him about the twins…find out he is a UF student (yes, tried to convince him in the 4.2 min that we had together to turn and RUN from the Gators and make a move that would transform his life and future — attend UGA — he didn’t buy what I was selling but at least we tried) and he goes back to Gainesville next week…as he was walking away I said, “Have fun at college next year” and he quickly pipes back, “Have fun with all that (as he is making a circular motion around my belly)”.  I erupted in laughter and he did not. He actually looked scared. I think the thought of twins in his immediate future / my hormones frightened the young lad. 

Q: Can we see a 34 week photo?

A: Hmmmm…as I have mentioned in the past, the skinny angle is typically the only blog angle we share. Unfortunately, I think we have passed the point of a skinny angle existing anywhere on my body. So…how about a photo from LAST Tuesday…my last day of work. We can all pretend it is today, because I am wearing the same green dress. Because I wear this dress everyday. 



4 responses to “34 week Q&A

  1. Um, P, look at your arms. Look at your face. You ARE skinny…you look amazing!

    I’m sort of in awe that we are talking about 34 weeks and looking at a prego pic of you…God is good. So very good.

    Love you.

  2. so good to chat with you this morning.

    so 7 months mean… they start grabbing eachother and poking eachother in the eyes. and we eat green peas. well…. try to eat. what a day.

  3. Serioiusly, you look amazing! Congrats on making it to 34 weeks!

  4. ps: ignore the extra i in seriously… it’s early 🙂

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