the latest addition :)

No babies yet, but we did add a resident to our mix this weekend — my sister Maggie (6 years younger and fresh off college graduation ceremonies) moved in!

No, we are not crazy. Yes, we have thought this through. Yes, we are excited to welcome her on board this wild ride…and we’re confident it will be a fun experience for all…including Brooks and Reese and the extra time with their Aunt Mags. 

We’ve been down this road (living with friends/life internships) before and God has blessed us with deeper relationships, continued transparency in our marriage, and the gift of honest community. We’re so excited! 


me and mags

DSCN4557Mags and Justin (the BF that left for a one year life adventure in Costa Rica)

At one point, we’ll need to have Maggie take over as a guest writer to give a whole new perspective of what goes on around here….promises to be interesting….


2 responses to “the latest addition :)

  1. Welcome Maggie!!! this is going to be so fun!

  2. Can’t wait to get the news that Reese and Brooks have arrived. We continue to pray for all of you and rejoice along with you.
    Our Love, Don and Brenda

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