33 week update: he flipped! eeeee! he flipped!

I’m back from the Dr appt this afternoon and very very very excited to share that Brooks has decided to flip into place — both of them are head down! I could not be more excited!

I’m measuring 40 weeks, 1cm dilated, and 70% effaced. The Dr was super positive about everything (Brooks has not “dropped” so we are not looking at any major indicators of labor quite yet) and as I squealed with excitement at this report, he just laughed. I think I high fived him 3 times. I also inquired if he was nervous (between squeals) and he confidently responded with a no and just shook his head 🙂  We’re friends…he gets me…or just thinks I’ve lost my mind…either way, this is a great day!

We’re celebrating with a 1.5liter bottle of ice cold water. Cheers!


4 responses to “33 week update: he flipped! eeeee! he flipped!

  1. great news!!!! maybe all his flipping was why you were so tired yesterday 😉 love you, bruner, brooks and reese!!!

  2. yay! so exciting!!! can’t wait to see those two precious ones!

  3. Hurray!!!!! That is wonderful news. So glad you are feeling well. I was telling my parents about your Walmart electric scooter, and they thought it was hysterical.

  4. Woohoo!!! SO happy for you and excited for their arrival!

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