32 weeks — and the fun doesn’t stop

Yesterday we hit the 32 week mark and it was quite a day…

It started like this:

DSCN5483(and just for the record, I am huge. Thankfully for all of you, I am posting my best angle/best smile/skinniest look on here but trust me…we’re waddling here folks)

The twins and I dropped off a few dozen donuts to clients and then headed to the Fire Station to have our car seats installed by the safety team. Big Day. Since my very first shower in Atlanta, I feel like the car seats have been an incredible catalyst for reality. I will never forget sitting in Carol Pope’s living room and staring at those two huge boxes and thinking: 2 car seats = 2 babies. one blue, one pink. one boy, one girl. this is really happening. really? seriously? yes. happening. 2 car seats = 2 babies.


I could not have scripted a better “pregnant lady needs rescuing” scene when I tried to start my car and it would not start. There was a swarm of kind firefighters to aid me in my time of need and we had the car jumped in no time. Lucky for Stephen (and by lucky I mean: pray for him daily as he is dealing with me, a roller coaster), I still could not handle the emotional turmoil of not having my car start and he got to pick up the pieces of my broken heart (yes, right now, car not starting = broken heart) and work out the details of a new car battery. He calmed me down, arranged all the details for a new battery and kissed me like he loved me when it was all said and done — yeah, he’s a keeper.

With a charged car battery and new 32 week pregnant spring in my step — I mean waddle — I headed to pick up Whitney for a quick bite to eat. We ran through the drive thru at Beefy King (a local favorite restaurant — think Arby’s meets best-philly-cheesesteak-you’ve-ever-put-in-your-mouth plus tater tots on the side :)). To say I have eaten at Beefy King occasionally during this pregnancy would be the understatement of the year. Recap of the convo at the drive thru window:

Beefy King girl: (as she is collecting my $$) So, when are you going to finally have this baby?

me: It’s twins…I know, I look big…September 22nd….boy/girl….yes, we’re excited…

BKg: I’ll be right back with your food — just give me a minute.

(she returns with a beaming smile)

BKg: Since you eat here, um, like, every other day and we’ve all been watching you grow, we just wanted you to have these t-shirts for the babies….


Whitney and I lost it. Incredible. Unbelievable. So brunertown. 

The day ended with a Non Stress Test and the twins looked awesome. Both had strong heartbeats, tons of movement and healthy stats. Their movement has turned from fluttering kicks and fun flips to complete control of my midsection — quite crazy. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers — we feel so blessed to be this healthy and strong!


5 responses to “32 weeks — and the fun doesn’t stop

  1. OMG!!!! Beefy King shirts!! It really doesn’t get any better than that.

  2. Oh Sarah! You look so great! I am so proud of you and the full determination you have with your sweet babies! I couldn’t believe it when I saw two car seats in your car, it kinda hit me, like it’s for real! I can’t wait for you to be a mom and love on those babies, you’ll be such an amazing mom, they will forever be changed by you!
    We will pray for Stephen, but I am sure he completely understands- well maybe somewhat! =)
    Ok- Love all the blog updates- sorry I wrote a novel!

  3. The carseats look so cute! Oh and you obviously take great pictures because you do not look huge at all…you look awesome!

  4. How sweet!!!!! I LOVE the t-shirts 🙂 You look soooo cute in that dress, love it!

  5. Long live the King of Beef!!!!! I’ll never forget yesterday! A Riot, I tell ya!

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