word of the day: thirty one

Whitney and Kelsey (fun, hilarious co-workers) have decided to implement a WOTD at Tews Co.  Tuesday’s word was: thirty one in representation of the 31 weeks of life for Brooks and Reese — eeeeeeeeeee — so wonderful!


The Dr visit on Monday was another great report — both kids are looking healthy, developing strong lungs, and we are not showing any signs of pre-term labor.  Reese had her head down (though I am confident she has moved positions multiple times since the appt) and Brooks is in a solid breech position. As Baby A, we would ideally want him to flip and therefore give us a shot at natural child birth.  We’ve still got lots of time and I’ll be doing handstands every night to do all I can to coax him in the right position (kidding, Mom — kidding).

Although I feel the effects of the pregnancy more this week than ever, my heart is continually overjoyed at the thought of my two kids inside of me. I took this photo yesterday before I went to work because I want to remember God’s goodness and the endurance he has so graciously given —


In other related news, Stephen’s truck has been recovered, cleaned, and we’ve laughed every morning this week hoping it will still be in the driveway — and I’ll notice in the case that it is not 🙂

We’re also anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby Oliver Cunningham (now 2 days overdue!!!) and excited about having his brothers here while he makes his grand entrance…

DSCN5470Catcher and Tee playing the really fun racquetball/tin bucket game that Stephen came up with — such laughter and joy with these two in my life


6 responses to “word of the day: thirty one

  1. Sarah! I love this…

    You look so amazing… May good news keep coming and the babies keep growing!

    Love you!

  2. blueberrylunch

    31 weeks with twins and still loving on my boys…yall are amazing!!!

  3. I think you and Lori are the EXACT same # of weeks. She is due on Sept. 17th…when are you due?

  4. S!
    You look great!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting so excited to meet our little reesey and brooks!!!!!!!! Enjoy these next few weeks, rest while you can! So happy you had a great doc appt! Miss you guys!

  5. you look great Sarah! its been a while…but i have been thinking up some african names for reesey and brooks.
    miss you and lots of love

  6. You look awesome Sarah!

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