if Jerry Seinfeld ever got pregnant…

…I think his routine might sound something like this… (and I think it is funnier if you can try and hear his voice as you read)

“Have you ever noticed that when you are NOT pregnant, you can gain and lose weight without public commentary…but when you’re pregnant….noooooooooo…it is all fair game:  ‘Your legs look great, but your face seems a little chubby’ … ‘Gosh, your arms are still so toned, but your theighs have really bulked up!’ … ‘Do your ankles normally look like that?’

…and what is the deal with the bathroom stops?  My goodness — it has become a full time job! I tell ya — these pretzels are making me thirsty…”


One response to “if Jerry Seinfeld ever got pregnant…

  1. bathroom breaks… um, let me see- by the end every 20 minutes! good thing i was at home, it was a full time job 🙂

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