a taste of conversation in brunertown: round 4

I’m at my office and my phone rings: 

me: Morning, babe — You need me? (an 8:30a phone call is not typical brunertown)

SB: Ummm…this morning, when you got in your car, was my truck parked in the driveway. It is not there.

me: (think for a very long time) Come to think of it, no…it was not…but thanks for pulling all the trash to the driveway. Very thoughtful.

SB: Sarah — my truck was stolen from our driveway. I’m calling the police.

After filing a report, the deputy says he’ll be in touch and let us know what they find. Literally, 8 minutes later, he swings by the house, and Stephen’s truck has been found. Stephen is on his way right now to identify/pick it up. 

By police policy, Stephen had to ride in the back of the car. Hopefully a first and last all knocked out in one:


And all before 10:45am. Impressive work, brunertown.


7 responses to “a taste of conversation in brunertown: round 4

  1. WOW! What a crazy story! Just what you all needed was more to do these days! Sorry!

  2. Hey! I just found your blog today! That stinks about the truck, but so glad it was found! Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  3. Cristy Lollis

    Hahahahahaha! Crazy! Hope the car is all in one piece. Love you

  4. Ha! I love that your mind went straight to the trash after he said his truck was gone, nice!

  5. Oh my gosh! That is so funny! Was his truck damaged at all? Crazy!!!!!!! Glad it was found!

  6. Also just found your site. Not good about the truck, mine was recently broken into in our driveway as well which is how I came upon your blog. Good to hear what is going on.


  7. glad all was well but when Bruno told me the story couldn’t help but crave Popeye 😉 y’all have the darnest stories!!! again so thankful all is/was well!!!

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