This whole pregnancy thing really has its perks —

  • This past Saturday, Maggie and Justin were in town and we spontaneously ran down to the outlets for some quick shopping (sidenote: this is considered extreme adventure this far along the twinsville journey). We were inside the Nike store and I needed to make my “every 35 minutes” restroom stop. I approached one of the employees — a cool dude with dreads and a warm smile — “do you have a restroom I could use?” I know his standard answer is no because at the outlets there are only a few locations open to shoppers, but he gave me a quick belly glance and said, “I got you girl — follow me”. As we were walking I thanked him profusely and told him it was twins in case his manager gave him slack — his eyes got as big as saucers and he could only repeat himself, “I got you girl–I got you girl”.
  • After the Nike store, Stephen found guest services and checked out a wheelchair for me. Although I have resisted this temptation throughout the pregnancy — yes, I have a pride issue — it was amazing. I’ve coveted the comfort of small children riding in strollers for the past 12 weeks, but not any more.
  • Friday afternoon there was a knock at my door and the UPS man had a special package — check out this FABULOUS gift from Auntie Chaice (after her July 4th weekend and experiencing babies at the beach, she could not resist sending this gift knowing we’ll have all double the stuff).


Bonus points! First usage of “Brunertown” on a baby item! I think I screamed for 10 minutes!! Thank you Chaice!


One response to “perks

  1. I got you girl, I got you girl!!!

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