the boating accident

It all happened one year ago…Brad and Ilya (close friends from UGA) came to visit and we were all invited to head out on the water for the weekend…Cocoa Beach quickly became our “homebase” and it was a great time on Friday night and Saturday morning…



…as we were leaving the Sebastian Inlet after eating lunch, our captain was riding the waves back out to the open sea…seeking adventure, he hit a wave going a little too fast…and our 35 foot fishing boat was catapulted into the air… we were completely airborne…for at least 6 seconds (upon hearing all the water leave the engines I knew we could be in a bit of trouble)…as we came down, we hit the water quite hard, and many of us were thrown to the floor of the boat…well, really it was just Stephen, Ilya, and Brad’s beer…it was so serious so quick…Ilya had a cut on his face and his knee cap was completely split open…Stephen was holding his shoulder and not really able to move it, or his right knee…Brad’s lifeguard days came in handy and we found ourselves in an ambulance before anyone could make sense of what had just happened…we assessed x-rays for Stephen’s broken shoulder and cracked kneecap, and I held Ilya’s hand while they stitched up his knee and face…for the next 48 hours, Bruner Hotel became a makeshift Hospital and we changed bandaging, administered pain meds, and recapped the events of what had just occurred.




I look back on this experience and thank God for his provision, protection, and what he taught us…life became so fragile so quick and for the months following the accident I would thank God daily for life and the opportunity to live one more day; Stephen and I were immediately catapulted into a more dependent relationship (he could not drive for 11 weeks — carpooling is a great way to receive free marital counseling, btw :)) and we were inconvenienced and blessed all at the same time; a community of friends gathered around us and supported us in a way that I could not have imagined…meals, lawn care service, prayer…these were all given freely and without request — it was unbelievable. 

This morning we sang “open the eyes of my heart, Lord — I want to see you” and my heart soared in remembering the way God used the accident to open the eyes of my heart.  

I’m thrilled to report that all injuries are healed and, in the words of Ilya, we’re back to our pretty selves —



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