29 weeks, 3 days — better than Christmas

My first thought this morning as I was waking up was: this feels just like Christmas morning — only better.  We had our big ultrasound at the hospital this morning and it was oh-so-exciting.

Brooks has decided he enjoys his breech position and is not budging. He also had his legs over his face and was hiding behind them both — quite a move! His heartbeat was 152 and he is weighing in at 2lbs 13oz — great size!

Reese was rowdy as usual and stared directly at my spine the entire time preventing a 4d photo that we were hoping for! Her heartbeat was 134 and her weight was 2lb 15oz — also a fabulous size.

We have so much to be thankful for in this pregnancy, and this appointment was no exception. Bibi and Pops were in attendance this morning (Stephen’s parents) and were overwhelmed with us by God’s goodness and love in these new little lives. Thank you for all of your continued prayers and support!


2 responses to “29 weeks, 3 days — better than Christmas

  1. wish i was there =( boohoooo! But super excited about their weights, amazing! We miss you guys! love ya!

  2. Sarah – Just wanted to let you know that we’re so, so excited for you and Stephen and are praying for all four of you. Brooks and Reese are such lucky and blessed little beans to have the two of you as their parents. Hope you are feeling well and that the last 10 or so weeks go smoothly!

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