100% justified

As a true rule follower at heart, I walk the straight and narrow quite contently. I have complete paranoia about breaking rules in parking lots especially. This morning I ran around like a chicken visiting clients and dropping off treats, and at one particular client location, I pulled into an overcrowded parking lot. When I saw a shaded open spot on the front row, I was shocked and thrilled. As I whipped into the space and saw the sign that marked the spot, I laughed out loud knowing I was not breaking the rules and all was made fair in the world of parking lot justice:

car pools only

Trust me. I am a walking, talking car pool 🙂


2 responses to “100% justified

  1. Love this! And you’ll definitely qualify for HOV lanes x 2 in the ATL once Brooks and Reese arrive. It’s great! I called Chris one day to ask him if he knew if I was allowed to drive in the HOV lane with MA in the car and he looked it up online and informed me that having a baby in the car qualifies 🙂 Funny memory!

  2. love it!

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