nursery status

Frequently, I am asked about the nursery and how it is coming along….

Home decor has never been a personal passion, but I am having a good time with it and finding bumpers, cribs and bed skirts became fun quickly. The paint color was a tough choice — so tough, that it took me 11 colors to narrow it down 🙂 (and a huge thanks to Whitters who assisted with the selection process!)

The bead board was a “must” from day one, and Stephen and Brad totally rocked it (this is Brad Nelson #2 in my life — in addition to Dad)! 

This was the state of our nursery last Saturday:




Stephen did end up painting on Sunday evening: Homestead Resort Spa Green was the color of choice — it looks fabulous!  I’ll update with more pics as we continue….

(btw, the artwork in this third photo was done by Kathy Carr in Atlanta and was one of my all time favorite gifts — can you believe how wonderful they are?)


3 responses to “nursery status

  1. So fun! I can’t wait to see pictures of the nursery when it’s done!

  2. So Whitters gets a shout out for helping pick out a paint color and I get nothing for helping with the beadboard?! I’m crushed.

  3. you guys are too fun! I’ve never had much of a passion for decorating either, but I think you do it much better than I. Can’t wait to see the new green 🙂

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