farewell to I-75 (at least until december)

dear Interstate 75,

It is with great satisfaction and my kindest regards that I wish to bid you a farewell for the next six months.  We have always had a rocky relationship, a love/hate, if you will and this upcoming season of seperation will, no doubt, make my heart grow fonder.  You bring me to the places/people that I love the most, and yet you have a remarkable way of frustrating Stephen and I so consistently.

Please send my regards to the Valdosta Department of Transportation and be clear in communication that after a whopping 137 years of construction on your “widening project”, we have yet to see a slow down in traffic congestion.

Lastly, we would appreciate you continuing to smile upon the exits that include Sonic, chick-fil-a, whataburger, and a rare clean restroom — they are clearly the best.  Because I love my husband so, I would also request that you continue encouraging travelers to stop at The Clothing Carnival — it is a strange love that he has for this place, but a love nonetheless.

Yours truly,  SB2+2

PS. If during this upcoming SEC football season, you happen to have a sudden “closure of lanes” that may prevent Gator football fans from entering into the swamp, it will earn you allllll sorts of extra Bruner love.


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