a few of my favorites thus far

so I jumped on a plane Tuesday evening to come and visit the fam for a few days before a fun wedding weekend.

We have had non-stop fun with Em, Bo, Ella, Jack, Uncle Andy, Aunt Emily, Aunt Maggie, Aunt Hannah, Gigi and Papa.  A few highlights thus far:

  • As I turn the corner at the airport to see the kids, Bo is standing in anticipation.  He squeals: “Hi Aunt Sarah! (takes a good look as I am rushing to scoop him up) Wait a second, you have hair the same color as Jack!”
  • Bo (just turned 4) is beginning to spell words out and read various signs. He inquires to Andy about the word “up” vs “ups” — Andy explains the different spelling, and Bo asks what “ups” actually means — “Please use it in a sentence” he says. Andy says, “Bo can jump really high therefore he has crazy mad ups.” (Bo laughs and starts jumping and feels proud to know a new word) Ella, who has apparently been listening the whole time, adds “Why does my brother have crazy mad ups?  I want to have mad ups, too…”
  • This morning we were all waking up and Ella came in to snuggle with me for a few moments before we got the breakfast ball rolling. She was all warm and sweet — pure bliss.  She was playing with my hands and “lingerneils” and she whispers “You have such big hands, Aunt Sarah — you must be a real woman”

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