prego belly size is in the eye of the beholder

As I was leaving a networking event early Friday morning, I was pulling out of the parking deck and preparing to pay the gate attendant. As I approached the booth, there were two women to greet me . The first was a mature, petite, plump spanish woman with a great smile and loud voice.  The second was a young black girl with a slender figure and perfect hair.  The Spanish woman peers into my window as I hand her the ticket, and she comments on my ever growing tummy, “ooooo–you have a baby in there—hmmm?”  I grinned and gave the standard, “actually it is 2” response.  She squealed with delight and Spanish love: “God bless! blessings!” <she is faking a heart attack>  The young black girl peers into my window as I reveal that I am 19 weeks along — she takes a look to see the tummy…at the exact same time, they say this:

Spanish woman: You look so small for twins! You look so fabulous!

Black girl: You are so big! I cannot believe you are going to keep growing! You will be huge by the time you deliver!

So, you be the judge — and just for statistics sake, last week I measured 23 weeks the day before I was 19 🙂



3 responses to “prego belly size is in the eye of the beholder

  1. Mecall Pearson

    Oh my gosh, you look so adorable!! I’m so glad you are doing this blog so I can keep up with you and see pictures. I can’t wait to see you next week!! Love you!

  2. you look great! keep that belly growing!

  3. There are not words in my vocabulary to describe how plum adorable you look and double your preciousness as you carry your twin load into labor.

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